Handmade footwear 100% of the hand of Pepa Flor, totally customizable models, in all categories choose the one you like the most!



Pepa Cheroky

New Pepa Cheroky White !

Pepa Cheroky:  Flat sandal with beads and Indian motifs.

Pepa Cheroky


Pepa Tela

Pepa Tela

Sandals with esparto sole and black clothes that are decorated with different types of tips and ribbons of colors are very nice, Choose the one you like and ask for it.


Pepa Vera

PAINTED, sneakers painted with bright colors and special for Fabrics with The motives you want, boats, screws, flowers, dots, hearts ... You can wash in the washing machine.

EMBOIDERED SHOES, white or black denim slippers that you can order embroidered by hand with The reasons you want, we usually make flowers. It can be washed in the washing machine.

PEPA KIDS, are the sneakers painted by boys / girls that have a gradient with orange and above we paint what they want. It can be washed in the washing machine.




Shoes to go to the beach, pool and, why not to go for a walk? Always combine the colors of the thread with the sole, with the fabric of the plant and the beads. Macramé


Pepa One

Pepa one is a flat-sole chamfer with an ornament made with a thread of colors. You can choose the fabric you want, the color of the sole and the threads and types of knots, as easy as choosing! Pepa one, sandal flat handmade in different models of macramé and colors, what do you want?


Pepa Madeira

Pepa Madeira, small wedge from 3'5cm to 2'5, is perfect in case you can not go flat. Made in macramé in different models of knots and colors.


Pepa Sunset

Pepa Sunset: sandal with wedge with which it seems that you go flat, are 7 cm and a platform of 4 cm. Different models of knots in macramé and you can choose the colors.


Pepa Matarranya

Pepa Matarranya, sandal with a wedge of 8 cm and front platform of 3 cm in different models and colors. Different models of knots in macramé and you can choose the colors.


Pepa Ibiza

Pepa Preta

Pepa Ibiza, Pepa Preta: 10cm heel and 5cm front platform. Always worked with the same colors, white for the Ibiza and black for the Preta and the same knot models. They bring the crochet detail on the heel that highlights the sandal.


Pepa Africa

Pepa Africa, flat woven sandal in different colors you can choose.


Pepa Kanoa

Pepa Kanoa. Flat sandal made of macramé with beads and tied to ankle.


Send your shoe model

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1. Choose the Sandal         model

Choose below the sandal model that you like and configure all the options.

2. Choose the knot model

Knot models are valid for One, Madeira, Matarranya and Sunset sandals and they are.

Knot 1

01, knots combining two colors that make a zigzag on the side and goes ankle to the ankle with a sliding knot.

Knot 2

02- knots combing two colors that carry central beads and the foot is in the air and is tied to the leg with a string formed with a train combining three colors.

Knot 3

03 Knots that combines 3 colors (usually) that are left behind, although platform sandals must be tied so that they are not safe enough.

3. Choose the Nude Colors model

The colors of the threads are:



Blue sea



Yellow canary

yellow straw

Red Olive green

green parrot

Gray lead


4. Choose the color of the sole in the case of the Pepaianas




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