Pepa Flor

Our history

Pepa Flor was born almost without realizing, I was back to my hobby in crochet and knit; I started making clothing, handbags, vests ... There is a flower anywhere, specifically, a crocheted colored flower ...

Laughing and laughing I begun to say that I am like Pepa, my maternal grandmother, who always had the crochet in her hand ready to make bedspreads, bags and kitchen rags .The flower comes just because I love flowers!!


I started participating at artisan markets with my bags and ponchos, and step by step I was extending the number of articles in the catalogue. In 2015, I created a sandal with my husband’s help, Javi. He was in charge to produce the insole, the sole, and to glue them all; and I put colors, knots and design. I did put on my sandals and they were awesome, very comfortable, they were very resistant and I also liked very much.

Little by little, in 2016, we introduced more models, at the time with platforms, Sunset and Matarranya were their model names, which resulted in a great success.

We are nowadays collaborating with the ARKSocial NGO, which in turn it helps children and young people with risk of social exclusion, this is the reason why we are proud to continue working hard.

Pepa Flor        aims to continue working 100% craft way, recycling materials where available. Its  articles are unique, exclusive, definitely one-off , with the character of the things are very careful crafted since the beginning.

Hand-crafted only for you.

Pepa Flor collaborates with OPEN ARMS ONG´S with 10% of our benefits because we want to aid those who need it the most.

Tel: +34  619 78 85 71


Passeig Mare de déu del coll, 14 baixos

08023 Barcelona

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